Featured Search Types

  • lightstone business

    LightStone Business Report

    Lightstone Business is an innovative business bureau providing a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape according to size, age, industry and geography of various companies.

  • cipc information

    CIPC Information

    Comprehensive search providing Company and Close Corporation details, as well as Director and Member information supplied by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

  • property coordinates

    Property Coordinate Search

    Only have the GPS coordinates of a property? This feature will provide the location and basic details of a property when searching on the coordinates.

  • interactive map

    Deed Office Search

    Perform a Deeds Office Search on an Individual by only providing the identity number. When supplying the identity number the first name and surname fields are no longer compulsory. However they are required when the identity number is not available.

  • property valuations

    Interactive Map

    This feature allows you to easily and conveniently perform property searches using GPS coordinates, physical addresses or by simply clicking on the desired location on the map tool.

  • tracing

    Default Listing

    A default can be listed against an individual or company at any time although, as per the NCA, it is required that a Letter of Demand be sent to a debtor 28 days prior to listing them with a credit bureau for defaulting on payment.

  • csi reports

    Investigative Reports

    Reports providing the full details of an individual or company, including property, director and adverse details. Only pay for the information you require!

  • deeds office

    Credit Searches

    SearchWorks provides access to 4 of the largest credit bureaus in order to provide a full credit profile on an individual or company.

Client Testimonials

  • "I often do research for directors and months later when they ask about it I had to open dozens of searches to find the correct one, now I can group them together from the start! Love it!"

    D. Snyman

    Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes
  • "SW has enhanced and improved many processes and procedures that we have implemented to comply with legislation and assists us in striving to be a centre of excellence to the community."

    A. Geldenhuys

  • "Wil jou net laat weet – ek love dit dat julle program die aktes in Microsoft Word formaat ook gee – dit help my ongelooflik baie!"

    R. Botha

    Botha & Venter Attorneys
  • "Julle SearchWorks fasiliteit lewer n positiewe impak in die effektiewe uitvoering van ons werksaamhede. Julle is slegs n oproep ver en gaan uit jul pad om n professionele diens te lewer."

    M. Markus

    West Coast District Municipality
  • "We’ve been using their services for more than eight years and they still continue to impress us with accurate and relevant information to enrich our service level."

    L. Müller

    Gideon Truter Attorneys

Introducing SearchWorks

  • accurate data

    Accurate Data

    We are perfectionists when it comes to clean and proper data. SearchWorks has more than 10 suppliers and we pride ourselves in choosing only the best, most reliable sources. All results are LIVE.

  • blazing fast

    Blazing Fast

    Developed using the latest in web technology SearchWorks delivers results to you in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time.

  • support


    We offer telephonic support with extended hours to assist you when it's needed most. Give us a call on +27 860 443 333.

  • customisable


    SearchWorks can be customised to fit your exact needs, we can enable / disable any functionality per user and the entire interface can also be "skinned" to adhere to your company brand.

  • user friendly

    User Friendly

    Using years of feedback and support queries along with the latest UI Standards, we meticulously crafted a web interface that is not just clean, but also extremely easy to use.

  • cloud hosted

    Cloud Hosted

    Utilising Cloud Technology greatly increases the reliability and uptime of our application, this means you can carry on with business as usual without unnecessary interuptions.