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"SW has enhanced and improved many processes and procedures that we have implemented to comply with legislation and assists us in striving to be a centre of excellence to the community." - A. Geldenhuys

Property Information

Use our various property searches to determine value, owner information as well as geo location. Request SG Diagrams from the various offices located across South Africa.

Court Documents

Request a copy of various court documents of an individual including Debt Review Applications and Debt Review Orders. The average turnaround time is a mere 60 seconds!

CIPC Information

Obtain the details of an individual or company provided by CIPC. We also offer the ability to request a copy of various CIPC documents of a juristic entity.

Simply the best.

We are perfectionists when it comes to clean and proper data. SearchWorks has more than 10 suppliers and we pride ourselves in choosing only the best, most reliable sources. All results are LIVE.

Credit Reports

SearchWorks provides access to 4 of the largest credit bureaus in South Africa in order to provide a full credit profile on an individual or company.

Investigative Reports & Tracing

Verify the existance of an ID Number as well as obtain the latest contact information of an indivual. The report feature provides the full details of an individual or company, including properties owned, directorships and adverse information.

Trust Information

That's right! Verify the existance of a trust as well as obtain trust information including associated trustees and property details.

"We’ve been using their services for more than eight years and they still continue to impress us with accurate and relevant information to enrich our service level." - L. Müller
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